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Fertility counseling in Kansas City

Supportive Counseling is effective for individuals or couples during their journey to become parents.

It is helpful and essential to find support outside of your usual support system of spouse/partner, family, and friends. Counseling offers the type of support that can be very useful at this stage in life.

Counseling is a safe place to process emotions and learn new and/or different ways to cope with sadness, anger, isolation, and fear.

Unfortunately, these emotions are a part of infertility and the ongoing challenge of continued disappointment when pregnancy and baby do not happen month after month or year after year.

Counseling can also be very helpful when making decisions about non-traditional family building.

Each person involved in making these decisions is faced with processing their own thoughts and feelings about potential options, as well as their partner’s/spouse’s. Counseling can help individuals and couples clarify and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and expectations so they are better able to make decisions about family building options.

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